Flush Casement Windows

If PVC-U had been available to builders in the past, they would have used it. No one disputes the beauty of timber, but it has drawbacks. In the wet, it can swell. In dry conditions, it can shrink. It can warp or twist and whatever else you do, you'll always have to find the time to take good care of it. Imagine never having to paint a window. Imagine never having a window already welded shut with layers of paint.

The Best of Both Worlds . . .

PVC-U windows are tough, durable and insulating. They need hardly any maintenance. They open easily and when they're closed, they are secure. Our Flush Casement windows replicate the appearance of traditional wooden frames: the delicate curves, detailing and trims, even the colours, grain and texture, but there's more on o er than good looks. Multi-chambered frames are secure and strong, advanced seals block the weather, high-specification glazing provides thermal and acoustic insulation. We don't believe in 'either/or' – we know you can have traditional style and 21st century performance.