Solid Roofs

Brighter Windows is proud to introduce the new solid roof – an innovative system that employs a structural framework of timber components and deliberately avoids the use of an aluminium framework to create a truly warm solid roof construction, with no possibility of cold bridging.

These solid roofs are bespoke manufactured to precisely meet project requirements and are speedly assembled on site.

The solid roof employs a patented and environmentally-friendly tile system that does not require battening. The Envirotiles and precisely colour-matched associated roofing components are custom-made to exacting specifications from 100% recycled polypropylene (to reduce landfill waste) by specialist suppliers.

Our fascia and soffit claddings are employed for a neat external finish in standard White PVC-U or optional Golden Oak, Mahogany, Cherrywood woodgrain foiled finishes. Guttering systems are tried and tested face-fixed PVC-U in standard White or optional Black, Caramel or Dark Brown colours.

Wider-span projects may require internal tie-wire support and there is a choice of design solutions: a standard bracket or an adjustable decorative bracket. For new build or replacement projects, our solid roof is the right roof for the job.

High security multi-point locking mechanisms are fitted on opening sashes, with shoot-bolt locking and internally glazed sealed units for added assurance.